RNU Highlight Palestinian Hunger Strike

Republican Network for Unity activists in Dublin held a successful information stall in Dublin City Centre as the the party carried out a national 24 hour fast. The purpose of both was to show solidarity and to raise awareness around the fact that at present there are over 1500 Palestinian political prisoners currently embarking on an open ended Hunger Strike in response to inhumane and degrading conditions in Israeli prisons.

Over 1000 information leaflets describing conditions as well as the prisoners demands were distributed to the passing public. Activists were very much encouraged by the public’s response and concerns surrounding the Hunger Strikers and the Palestinian question, with parallels being drawn between the Prison Hunger Strikes of today and the H-Block Hunger Strikes of 1981

RNU endeavour to continue to raise awareness around this on-going hunger strike and will continue to stand in solidarity with our fellow comrades in Palestine.

RNU National Chairperson Stephen McCourt on the national fast stated:

“RNU members from all over Ireland carried out a 24 hour fast in solidarity with the Palestinian Hunger Strikers, a symbolic act that we hope will draw attention to the plight of these prisoners. In correlation with the fast, members also took to the streets to highlight the demands of the prisoners, Republican Network for Unity have for years campaigned on behalf of Palestine and now more than ever Irish republicans must organise themselves for those who draw closer to death every passing day. The Hunger Strike began on April 17 and while the prisoners have thankfully began taking salt as a supplement to prevent their body’s deteriorating , we are fast approaching further death.

RNU view the intransigence shown by Israel towards the modest demands of the prisoners as a clear indicator of their intentions, the murder of the hunger strikers.”