The 8th Amendment and 26 County Referendum

Once again Irish Citizens in the North watch on as the Dublin government move to hold a ‘National Referendum’

A Referendum which will have a massive impact on all the citizens of our Island.

RNU note that nearly 100 years after the partition of this Island the Irish citizens in the occupied north west of this Island will yet again be denied their right to partake in yet another ‘National Referendum’.

To the Dublin government who we hear talk of ‘equality and rights’ The very same Dublin Government have failed to protect the rights of Irish Citizens since their inception, the only Equality they have delivered is failure.

They have equally failed those who supported their inception and those of us who have always opposed their partitionist inception.

Republican Network for Unity ask Irish citizens IF you are to partake, Vote with your OWN conscience.

Life is never black and white.

‘ar aghaidh I streachailt’