About RNU

Republican Network for Unity is a republican socialist political party, committed to providing for a new political, economic and social vision for Ireland.

RNU, working hand in hand with others, seeks to create a separatist movement capable of providing a roadmap to Irish unity. Partition has stripped the Irish people of economic, political and social prosperity in favour of two competing political entities which do not have the needs, wants or desires of our people at their core. RNU recognise the damaging effects partition has had on Ireland and seek the create the conditions where the Irish people as a whole can move toward the reunification of the island and engender constitutional change.

RNU seeks to articulate an economic vision in which the natural resources and the wealth creating components of a nation is used for the betterment of all rather than the extravagance of the few. This, we believe, is encapsulated in our position paper ‘Revolutionary Republicanism’. Motivated by this ideological worldview, our movement has sought to present a principled opposition to the current partitioned system which perpetuates economic and social depravity.

Originally formed as a pressure group of ex republican political prisoners opposed to the promotion of the PSNI and British intelligence agencies, our membership reorganised as a republican political entity in 2007/08.  In 2013 RNU officially adopted socialism into its world-view, voting overwhelmingly at the Ard Fheis of that year to become a republican socialist political party.

RNU is determined to design our own contribution to the struggle for Irish freedom using whatever tactics are required to ensure the social and economic liberation of the Irish people. We believe that our world view and overall goals are in line with the 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Declaration of Independence which was democratically endorsed by the Irish people acting freely and outside the constraints of British imposed partition.

We reject the Belfast, St Andrews and Hillsborough Agreements as failed continuations of past British policy in Ireland. Our reasons for rejecting these failed agreements are laid out clearly in our position paper entitled, ‘Standing outside the peace process’.
We advocate a 32 County democratic socialist republic based on the traditional republican principles of Liberty, Equality & Fraternity. Essential to this vision is the reconquest of Ireland by the working class with the people claiming full control of our national territory, resources and decision making processes.

Since our foundation, we have campaigned on many issues relevant to the struggle for Irish freedom and working class emancipation. The mainstream media and constitutionalists desire to mask these issues to normalise the two states in Ireland, examples of which ranging from the human rights abuses of republican political prisoners, to the devastating effects of austerity or irreversible environmental damage. RNU work to aid the grassroots campaigns and struggles which receive little attention from state actors and institutions.

Republican Network for Unity recognise that the working class are not a homogenous group with identical grievances and interchangeable afflictions, to believe such is to oversimplify the antagonisms which affect the various groups in Irish society today.

Republican Network for Unity are fully committed to the recognition and protection of the rights of the LGBT community. We oppose all attempts to discriminate, belittle and attack this community and will continue to work against all such efforts of the homophobic and reactionary.

The contribution of women in the struggle for Irish independence and economic equality is fully recognised by RNU, their exploitation requires specific attention as the women of the working class not only experience the inequalities and exploitation that all workers endure but also must struggle against a highly masochistic society.

With a growing tendency towards anti-immigration in Ireland and throughout Europe and the US it is an important aspect of our struggle to be open and supportive to all those suffering from the worst excesses of imperialism and native exploitation. Racism divides natural allies and in doing so protects the status quo. RNU support a multicultural society.

We reject sectarianism utterly from wherever it emerges and see it as a major crutch to those who promote partition and British rule in Ireland. Sectarianism was actively encouraged to flourish here by the promotion of false patriotism; this came in the form of both Orangeism and Hibernianism and served only the interests of those who sought to economically exploit, firstly the peasant then the working class. We are Republicans, not Hibernians.

Republican Network for Unity are a party committed to building a movement which can provide a progressive alternative  to the status quo in Ireland. We recognise the complexities of the various struggles pertaining throughout Ireland and abroad and it is our view that these struggles are our own. That our vision of an Ireland free from the malign influence of foreign powers, removed from the regressive effects of partition and  based on an economy attune to the needs of the workers of the country which ensures the protection and rights of the most vulnerable, will allow Ireland to develop politically, economically and culturally.