We recognise that political prisoners exist here as a direct legacy of British occupation in Ireland. Were there not British occupation there would be no physical resistance thus no POWs. In recognition of this fact we unconditionally support the rights of republican political prisoners and support them in their demands for political status and a decent life while incarcerated.

RNU are particularly passionate about the plight of the Maghaberry and Portlaoise POWs, not least because many of our members currently or formerly resided there.

The name Cogús has been adopted by RNU’s POW Department, meaning “Conscience”. It is from here that we aim to highlight the injustice suffered by political prisoners incarcerated within oppressive Gaols.

Cógus help support the families of imprisoned republican political prisoners. Anyone who would like to donate to Cógus to help aid us in easing the hardships of Cógus prisoners can do so via the official Facebook page: