The compatibility of republicanism and socialism

On Saturday 1st April in Derry Republican Network for Unity held a presentation on the compatibility of Irish republicanism and socialism. Presented by Ard Chomhairle member Nathan Stuart, Mr. Stuart described the origins of the ideologies, discussing the Enlightenment era, the political revolutions of the mid-18th century and the ideals behind them.

Covering the United Irishmen, the Industrial Revolution, the evolution of Irish republicanism from the socialistic nature of the campaigns of the Fenian Brotherhood to James Connolly’s refinement of the republican socialist ideology.

When the presentation concluded the activists in attendance discussed a wide range of issues including; the overall republican strategy, the economic policies of constitutional nationalism and unionism, alternatives to individualism and right wing policies, the EU and more.

As the discussions went on one aspect of the struggle for liberation became evidently clear; the need for Irish republicanism to evolve as the issues we face shift and change, developing new strategies and tactics and arming ourselves with the necessary knowledge to overcome the new challenges we face as well as the old.