GP Closures And Escalating Local Crisis For Communities


The crisis in our health sector nationally is well known and the concern of the wider public is well warranted. The national crisis is a direct result of the underinvestment of right wing ideologues and the austerity measures deemed the only option by the poverty denying political oligarchy in Westminster.

While the crisis at a national level requires constant attention and immediate action, the regression in local communities in terms of strain placed on general practitioners, must not be overlooked, to do so would be a betrayal of local communities.

RNU Spokesperson Cáit Níc Shomhairle warning of the growing erosion of local services stated:

“The situation in Fermanagh is a glimpse of what is in store for the people of the six counties, warnings of collapse by those on the front line of these necessary services should not be ignored. With two thirds of GPs in Fermanagh set to close in 18 months, this is not a distant concern, this is an immediate reality and the prevention strategy should reflect the urgency.

Belfast too is suffering the difficulties of their rural counterparts and the effect of which will see those with disabilities, the elderly and other vulnerable people without access to healthcare. Warnings appear to be falling on deaf ears, dozens of GP facilities closing, affecting over one hundred thousand patients and the only alternative being suggested is privatisation, the less privileged again will be the worst affected by this situation.

These problems are the residual effects of a Westminster policy aided by a Stormont that remains a toothless tiger on important aspects of governance. Healthcare, education , welfare, they are the casualties of a right wing government, of divorcing the people of this island from the decision making processes that affect the daily lives of all. The republican analysis remains the correct one. A democratic society that is representative of the people of the island taking ownership of the governance is the only rational solution to the oligarchical style government that has become so normalised here.”