Liberté, égalité, fraternité


RNU are firmly based on the best traditions of the republican movement. We trace our ideological roots back to the founding fathers of Irish Republicanism Tone, Hope and Emmet.

When the United Irishmen were formed in the last decade of the 18th century they were strongly influenced both by the struggles of the American and French Revolutions and the ideas behind them. The slogans of the French Revolution – Liberté, égalité, fraternité – were the guiding ideas of the United Irishmen.

But there was also inherent in that a commonality of interest for all of mankind. So it was natural for the United Irishmen to forge links not only with revolutionary France but also with United Societies in England and Scotland.

A major lesson learnt by Henry Joy McCracken, a leader among the United Irishmen, and one republicans must never forget is

“The Rich always betray the Poor”.

The History of Ireland in the 19th century was a confirmation of Henry Joy’s  dictum. The failure of O’Connell’s Repeal Movement and the Famine showed up the weakness, cowardice and vacillation of the middle classes. They were and are always ready to compromise with the oppressors.

But republicans have always opposed oppression and embraced the most radical ideas of their time. When the 1916 rising took place it started a fire that eventually saw anti-imperialist movements sweep away the remnants of the old colonial Empires.

RNU are unashamedly anti-imperialists and are in solidarity with genuine anti-imperialist struggles worldwide. We reject the control of the world resources by organisations such as the IMF, the ECB  and the EU on behalf of the rich elites of the world.

Our socialism derives from our anti-imperialism and the long struggle of republicanism to liberate Ireland from British rule. We cannot envisage a free Ireland without socialism.

Our Socialism is one that recognises the legitimacy of the struggle for self determination. Karl Marx campaigned on behalf of the fenian prisoners in England during the 19th century and it was Marx’s teachings that James Connolly adopted to Irish conditions.

RNU are proud to follow in the footsteps of James Connolly as Irish revolutionary republicans, anti-imperialists, socialists, and internationalists.