Impunity for British War Criminals Must Be Challanged

A Westminster committee has recommended a statute of limitations to protect British soldiers that served in the North of Ireland from prosecution. Republican Network for Unity condemn this proposal which seeks to exonerate those who have committed war crimes during the recent conflict. The MP’s report is deliberately misleading, stating that;l

“Unless a decision is taken to draw a line under all Troubles related cases, without exception, they will continue to grind on for many years to come, up to half a century after the incidents concerned”#

Talks of line drawing an end to prosecutions without exception are a smokescreen attempt by the British political elite to implement state impunity for murders carried out by state actors, a view shared by legal experts which suggest that the limitation which only benefits security force members leaves the UK government open to challenge.

The committee followed their recommendation by encouraging the next UK government to extend this impunity to former member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and other former security personnel.

The Chairperson of the Westminster defence committee, Dr Julian Lewis, is quoted  below clearly stating the intention of the recommendation;

“To subject former soldiers to legal pursuit under current arrangements is wholly oppressive and a denial of natural justice. The UK parliament has it entirely within its power to enact a statute of limitations in this matter.”

To talk of oppression and natural justice while attempting to exonerate military personnel and other state actors from their crimes while they carried out a prolonged campaign of oppressing those that demanded an end to partition and of the British occupation is rank hypocrisy and is based solely on the warped view of the imperialist.