National Fast For The Palestinian Hunger Strikers


In an act of solidarity RNU is holding a national 24 hour fast and information stalls  today coinciding with the anniversary of the deaths of Irish republican hunger strikers Raymond McCreesh and Patsy O’Hara. This small gesture, we hope, will aid in highlighting the prison situation in Israel and draw attention to the plight of the hunger strikers suffering under an intransigent prison system attempting to crush the prisoners at the behest of zionism.

Spread across several prisons in the Israeli state approximately 1500 Palestinian political prisoners are engaged in an open ended hunger strike in order to improve prison conditions. Their demands are moderate and are centred around basic human rights. Their demands include;

.Improvement of health care treatment…

.Reinstating bimonthly family visits

.Installation of air conditioning in areas that are lacking

.The installation of a public telephone to maintain communication with families

.An end to the policy of administrative detention

Parallels may be drawn between use of administrative detention by the Israelis, in terms of the use of secret evidence, the use of solitary confinement and the imprisonment of prisoners for months and years on end despite no official charge by a jury and the selective detention used to imprison political dissenters in Ireland .

Republican Network for Unity stand in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners. The inhuman treatment of prisoners detained by Israel is well documented, torture is rife within the prison system, resulting in close to one hundred deaths since the late 1960s, the complete disregard to adhering to international law and basic humans rights cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged. Groups of supporters from various backgrounds; revolutionary, progressive, human rights orientated and more have acted in solidarity with the strikers. Holding protests, information stalls, solidarity strikes all to raise awareness of the conditions.

RNU would like to encourage the public to organise similar acts, to carry them out as groups or individually and advertise the acts solidarity on social media.