RNU believe

  1. That the right of Ireland to self-determination is absolute and is recognised within the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514
  2. That in the struggle for National Liberation, territorial freedom, social freedom and economic freedom are elements of equal importance
  3. Therefore, the National & Class questions are intertwined and inseparable.
  4. That our struggle is international. We must act in solidarity with other Anti-imperialist and socialist struggles worldwide
  5. That the duty of a Republic is to provide for social justice, Solidarity, Co-operation and care, from the cradle to the grave.
  6. That we must participate in the everyday struggles of the working class, regardless of ethnic, cultural or religious differences.
  7. That fundamental to our struggle is the liberation of the working class by the working class, and that the key to that process is self-empowerment through struggle.

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