Republican Network for Unity held a successful picket at Woodbourne Barracks Belfast today in opposition to political policing. Activists from several Cumain and various political parties participated in the protest.

The PSNI have in recent months carried out an aggressive campaign against political activists of RNU and other groupings that retain a principled opposition to the Good Friday Agreement.

RNU Belfast Chairperson Nathan Stuart describing the day’s protest said;

“The picket held outside Woodburne Barracks at 2pm this afternoon, I’m pleased to say, was well attended and on behalf of Republican Network for Unity I wish to express my gratitude to the individuals and activists from other groups who participated.”

“Activists from the Béal Feirste cumann handed out leaflets to the passing traffic as the picket commenced, the leaflets focusing around the issue of selective detention and the use of remand periods to remove republican activists from their communities.”

“Members of the PSNI made a point to repeatedly drive past protesters at a snail’s pace however the reaction of the public passing by stood in contrast to their pettiness. Car horns blew in support time and again during the picket.”

“The message of the day was one of resistance, speaking to participants after the event, it became clear that the campaign of harassment and intimidation carried out by the security forces has failed to bear fruit. Rather than beleaguered, RNU activists have reacted to the coercive tactics of the PSNI with renewed energy and enthusiasm, re-dedicating themselves to acting in the best interests of the working class and striving to present an alternative to the failed politics of the Good Friday Agreement.”

RNU will continue to oppose political policing. A compliant press coupled with precision repression in the place of widespread oppression, has caused the public to remain largely unaware and therefore apathetic. Republican Network for Unity will work to prevent the public remaining, as the state desires, ignorant of the facts.