Republican Network for Unity spokesperson Nathan Stuart has expressed solidarity with the hunger strike currently taking place among Palestinian prisoners in Zionist prisons.

Mr Stuart said:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to express solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners currently engaged in a hunger strike against the Zionist prison regime. While the decision to embark on a hunger strike is drastic, it is in response to Palestinian prisoners and detainees being subjected to torture, inhumane and degrading treatment, and medical negligence. Some have been killed while in detention. Palestinian prisoners and their families also remain a primary target of Israel’s policy of imposing collective punishments. The hunger strike seeks to end these abuses.

“Republicans fully understand and support the struggle for better conditions within prisons. We also understand how occupation governments attempt to turn prisons into a breakers yard for those who express the desire for national self-determination.

“International human rights groups, humanitarian organisations and media institutions must use their influence and exert enough pressure to ensure that prisoners are treated with dignity and respect and demand the Israeli government grant the prisoner’s modest demands.”