RNU Na Fianna Éireann commemoration 2017

Republican Network for Unity held their annual Na Fianna Éireann Commemoration in North Belfast on  Easter Saturday. A well attended event with members and supporters from all across the island in attendance, to participate in the march through the district. Despite the march being deemed non-contentious, a relaxed atmosphere and the event being well stewarded, there was a notable PSNI presence with those delivering  speech’s being recorded throughout the latter part of the commemoration.

Nathan Stuart chairing the event opened the commemoration thanking those who had travelled to the location to join in commemoration of Ireland’s republican dead and that the event was inspired particularly by the courageous sacrifice of four local members of Na Fianna Éireann; David McAuley, John Campell, Bernard Fox and Joseph McComiskey.

Belfast RNU activist Sinead Adams was then asked to read the 1916 proclamation.

RNU’s national colour party.

In a welcomed display of international solidarity, the ‘Ireland Information Group Sweden’, entered the area’s Na Fianna Éireann garden and spoke of their commitment to continue to support the Irish struggle for national liberation and the abolition of capitalism on this island.

Continuing the practice which Cogús began on the Easter Rising’s centenary, the prisoner statement was read by an incarcerated comrade via a recording took beforehand. Cogús POW Conor Hughes berated the anti-republican agenda of both states, its tactics materialising in the form of house raids, falsification of evidence, politically motivated arrests and the internment and selective detention of republicans. Mr. Hughes spoke of these tactics not in an individual understanding but as small parts of a wider imperialist agenda in Ireland. The prison regime and therefore the prison struggle, remains an important aspect of the wider separatist struggle. The regressing conditions, denial of human rights and the various methods of harassment and demoralisation must be attacked as ferociously in the prisons as we defend our ideological position outside them.

The concluding speech was delivered by Ex POW Gary McNally, called to read the RNU Easter statement Mr. McNally spoke of a need for modernising the republican struggle, of not depending on sloganeering or cliché but reacting in a realistic manner to the people we wish to represent. Focussing on a need for reflection Mr. McNally made clear that a process of self evaluation has already begun, analysing our strengths and weaknesses and explaining that changes have begun to move our movement into the 21st century, adapting to the contemporary environment and moving forward with a 21st century strategy to make Irish separatism relevant, attractive and capable of articulating its message to the Irish people without surrendering our principles.

Republican Network for Unity wish to thank all those who attended Saturday’s commemoration with particular gratitude expressed to our international comrades for attending, the bands for participating and the Belfast organisers that laboured to make the annual Na Fianna Éireann Commemoration a dignified, well attended and successful event.

Wreaths laid for the republican dead.