Israeli terrorism continues as their pro-Zionist government attempt to legalise the theft of Palestinian land, pass legislation banning proponents of the Boycott campaign and carry out political assassinations. One of the most recent victims of the latter was one, Basil as-Araj, a young Palestinian freedom fighter who aided the youth through his tireless activism and intellectual ability.

Now a Palestinian martyr, Basil had been indefatigable in his defence of the oppressed and his hostility to any form of capitulation with the Israeli occupation. A clear targeted killing by the Zionist regime, a militant and capable young revolutionary, clear in his ideals and uncompromising in his values was simply a danger to the state and as such, was callously murdered.

The security apparatus of the Israeli forces, has time and time again proved to be one absent of justice, due process or has any inclination of affording to those they deem a threat or undesirable even the most basic of human rights.

RNU send out condolences to Basil’s family, friends and comrades and reaffirm our support and solidarity for the revolutionary struggle being carried out by the PFLP.