Suicide Awareness

Where are the politicians?
Throughout Ireland and Scotland today Republican Network for Unity cumanns will mark World suicide prevention day. Like many countries throughout the globe we witness first hand In Ireland and Scotland this epidemic throughout our towns and villages on a daily basis. Statistics from the World Health Organisation harrowingly indicate that up to one million lives are sadly lost each year due to suicide which means that a life is lost every 40 seconds. Sadly they also identify that suicide attempts are up to 20 times the number of deaths by suicide. This is a crisis that knows no boundaries and has affected many households throughout our countries many of our own family and friends have suffered as a result of a loved one taking their lives.
In a recent report by the Samaritans they highlighted that in Britain deaths by suicide rose by 11.8% and the group most affected was men aged 45-49. In the 26 counties it was identified that the group most affected were men from 55-65. Sadly middle aged men are one of the most high risk groups for suicide and still remain three times more likely to commit suicide than women. In comparison to England our citizens here are sadly twice as likely to take their own lives. It has been suggested that since the Good Friday Agreement more people have died due to suicide than died during the conflict on our shores.
Republican Network for Unity highlight that this clearly identifies that since the so called Good Friday Agreement successive politicians in Stormont and Downing Street have let working class communities rot with empty promises whilst they have continued to pocket their healthy pay checks, and that this has ultimately cost lives.
The significant factor in the six counties is the legacy of the troubles and detrimental effect that it has within working class communities, the British government accept this point however we demand more action to address this problem particularly when we consider they were undoubtedly the root of the problem to begin with.
In a recent report on a study that was compiled over a five year period it was identified that North and West Belfast followed closely by Foyle were the constituencies with the highest rate of suicide. Sadly within these communities we also have the highest levels of child poverty and unemployment which are without question also contributing factors to mental health problems and suicide. In Glasgow the suicide rate is much higher than other cities such as .Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee and is well above the national average in addition just like to parts of the six counties there is a high level of unemployment, poverty and under financed support services.
Republican Network for Unity believe in order to strike up a relationship with the working class we must first support them in there daily struggles, and in short term that means helping then achieve reforms which would better their lives albeit temporarily.
We do not exist to resist
We exist to Win.
We will continue to work within our communities in both Ireland and Scotland to challenge the injustices and discrimination they face daily. We will continue to work side by side with community activists and like minded groups in addressing the difficult issues head on.
We would urge anyone who feels suicidal to put a little trust in someone and talk to a family member if not there are many trusted organisations such as the Samaritans with professionals on the end of the phone day and night. Likewise we can be contacted and all conversations are confidential and we will assist in any way we can.